What if you could eat your favorite foods & reach your goal weight at the same time?

Spoiler alert: you can!

What if you could eat your favorite foods & reach your goal weight at the same time?

I see you over there binging on break room pizza & then starting your “healthy eating” over again on Monday

Sound familiar? 

Trying diet after diet to get to your goal weight but always getting confused or losing motivation. Maybe one of them even worked, but it didn’t work long term?

Pair this cycle with the ridiculous schedule you have as a nurse and it creates an endless loop of confusion, frustration, and shame around food.


Introducing the WTF to eat minicourse

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

It’s possible to eat pizza & have muscles. They are not mutually exclusive!

Do you ever wish you could just weed through all the noise surrounding food & diets and it was just clear & simple WTF you should really be eating?

Here’s the results you can expect

Stop feeling guilty

If you’ve ever shoved a donut into your mouth in secret so no one would see you eating it, or felt shame & guilt after eating a food you really liked, you’ll love that this minicourse was made to eliminate this thinking.

Reach your goal weight

Whether your trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight, the minicourse will show you exactly what you need to reach your own personal goal.

Love your body

Get that “damn I look good” fresh out of the shower confidence & stop hiding in those scrubs. You deserve to love your body & feel good, not guilty.

Im ready to get started

How much does it cost?

The WTF to eat minicourse is available now for presale at a special price of $37 & the full course will be released on January 4th, 2021.

You can get started TODAY for just $37

Want to see a sneak peek?

Oh me?

I’m Tara, your coach! I’m a NICU nurse by night & a personal trainer by day.

I’m a 9th degree black belt in eating pizza. Here as living proof that you can eat pizza & have muscles. They don’t need to be mutually exclusive!

The focus here is on loving your body & feeling good, not guilty or obsessing over the scale. & sometimes you just need help with WTF to eat! (don’t worry, I got you boo.)

If you wanted my official credentials I’m an RN, BSN, CPT, & CNC.

Is the WTFTE minicourse for you?

this minicourse is for nurses who:

  • Need help understanding what to eat
  • Want to love their bodies
  • Want to stop feeling guilt around food
  • Never want to go on a diet ever again
  • Want to feel confident
  • Want to be knowledgeable about what you’re putting into your body

this program is not for

  • People who aren’t nurses (ya’ll have every other personal trainer on the planet!)
  • People who want a quick fix (the program is designed to teach you the pillars of what to eat, but weight loss takes time.)
  • People who are happy starting over again every Monday

Nurses LOVE this method.

Holy sh*t! I’ve lost 9.7 inches all over so far! Like, what?! It’s only been 2 months!



The biggest surprise about the program was how much I could eat. I remember being scared to eat at first, so this was a huge milestone to overcome & now I bake cake with the kids and eat it without feeling bad at all!



I bought my bridal shower dress yesterday & was pleasantly surprised when the medium was too big & I had to get a small! & All while eating tacos!

Claire Shively

Nursing Student


How The Program Is Presented

Module 1 | How to E.A.T.

Module 2 | The 3 phases of weight loss

Module 3 | Let’s talk water

Module 4 | How to stay consistent

Module 5 | (BONUS) What to pack for lunch at work!



The course is delivered 100% online. You’ll get instant access at the time you purchase the course. Even during the presale period (before Jan 4), there are modules that you will have lifetime access to right away.


NO! The beauty of the WTF to eat course is that it shows you how to eat using food you are already eating and actually like! Gone are the days that you ditch pizza & eat chicken & rice for months on end.


From start to finish, we estimate that it will take you about two hours to get through the course. The videos are broken down into bite sized videos no longer than 15 minutes and there is also a podcast version available so you can listen to this course on the go!


Using the EXACT method that you’ll learn in this course, dozens of nurses in the Fit Nurse Academy have reached their goal weights while eating things like tacos, pizza, & popcorn. This method works! If you like to enjoy food, then it’s worth it.

Heading into vacation this week & down another pound! I’m not in “vacation eating mode” – I’m just on vacation eating whatever I want & may even lose while I’m here!


DNP Student

This program reminded me that I need to come first and I realized that nutrition is really the backbone of self care.


New Grad Nurse

I’m still in shock that I can lose and I’m eating more calories than I have in 5 years!



Ready to stop stressing about food?

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