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Holy sh*t! I’ve lost 9.7 inches all over so far! Like, what?! It’s only been 2 months!



The biggest surprise about the program was how much I could eat. I remember being scared to eat at first, so this was a huge milestone to overcome & now I bake cake with the kids and eat it without feeling bad at all!



I bought my bridal shower dress yesterday & was pleasantly surprised when the medium was too big & I had to get a small! & All while eating tacos!

Claire Shively

Nursing Student

Heading into vacation this week & down another pound! I’m not in “vacation eating mode” – I’m just on vacation eating whatever I want & may even lose while I’m here!


DNP Student

This program reminded me that I need to come first and I realized that nutrition is really the backbone of self care.


New Grad Nurse

I’m still in shock that I can lose and I’m eating more calories than I have in 5 years!



She is truly a coach. She was able to hone in on exactly the areas I was lacking & push me through it. She always had a plan for me! I feel lighter and mentally clearer. Knowing I had I plan helped make the whole process easier.



I rocked a crop top for the first time in years & felt/looked AMAZING!


Peds RN

I had a bridal shower yesterday & normally I don’t eat any of the food but I realized that it totally fit & I could eat it so I did & I’m down half a pound this morning!!


DNP Student

I felt like I had most of the tools but I was lacking the understanding for nutrition & now I have both & feel like I could easily do this the rest of my life. I mean I don’t want to say it’s easy but it’s almost easy!


Nursing Assistant

I’m having a hard time getting all this food on. I know that sounds silly but I never thought I’d be able to eat this much and not gain weight. This is great!


Nursing Student

I’m DEAD!! Truly dead haha. I also did not realize the app is WONDERFUL. I had a whiteboard ready to check off all the exercises but then I realized that it does it all for you!! So excited!


Med Surg RN

Tara helped me actually know what to eat, what exercises to do, & gave me the help I needed to have energy and lose weight long term an an effective & healthy way.



I’ve got more & energy and I am more motivated! I feel better & the quality of my sleep has improved too.


Travel RN

Now I embrace all foods in moderation based on the needs of my body. I feel so much more confident & like I actually changed my habits for life & not like I’m on a “diet”.