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Ready to love your body?

Fitness & nutrition coaching for the nurse who wants to eat the dang pizza & love her body too.

Ready to love your body?

Fitness coaching for the nurse who wants to eat the dang pizza & love her body too. 

You deserve better than cold coffee & dayshift’s leftovers.

Keto, Intermittent fasting, low carb, no carb…the list goes on and on. How many diets have you tried? How many of them did you actually enjoy? (EEEK, zero?!) & they didn’t even work??

Welcome to the land where “diets” don’t exist & all foods fit, AKA the Fit Nurse Academy. Nurses enrolled gain body confidence & strength while eating things like chocolate cake, pepperoni pizza, and tacos. Stop feeling guilty around food & start feeling good!

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What does 1:1 coaching look like?

When you’re a 1:1 coaching client at the Fit Nurse Academy, you’ll get certified fitness & nutrition coaching, along with weekly video messages from your trainer critiquing your nutrition & exercise form. You’ll never have to worry about falling behind because you coach is right there to pick you up.

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What do teenagers, preemies, & nurses have in common?  

One super encouraging, tough-loving Tara Hux. I’m a personal trainer by day, soccer coach by afternoon and NICU nurse by night. I’m also your new favorite fitness coach.

5 years ago, I skipped the drive thru on the way home from 12 hour night shifts and cracked the code on wellness as a busy nurse. Hint: It’s not coffee, energy drinks or day shift’s leftovers. 

I keep my glass half full and geek out about my clients feeling GOOD, not guilty about food. I’m passionate about how sh*tty dieting is and am constantly screaming from the rooftops to stop eating 1200 calories. Seriously, stop it!

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Holy sh*t! I’ve lost 9.7 inches all over so far! Like, what?! It’s only been 2 months!



The biggest surprise about the program was how much I could eat. I remember being scared to eat at first, so this was a huge milestone to overcome & now I bake cake with the kids and eat it without feeling bad at all!



I bought my bridal shower dress yesterday & was pleasantly surprised when the medium was too big & I had to get a small! & All while eating tacos!

Claire Shively

Nursing Student