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Knowledge deficit r/t imbalanced nutrition AEB exhaustion & fear of carbs.

(Is this you? #nurseprobs)

Knowledge deficit r/t imbalanced nutrition AEB exhaustion & fear of carbs.


Does this sound like you? (#nurseprobs.) 


2020 has been the year of the nurse in the most exhausting way ever imagined.

It’s HARD caring for other people all the time but it’s necessary to take care of yourself too.

& it can be easier than you think to have more energy, feel better in your body & not feel guilty eating the break room pizza that the nursing office is inevitably going to order for us “healthcare heroes”.

You can be a nurse and be healthy at the same time.

I know it seems unattainable sometimes but it’s 100% possible to eat food you like AND be fit as a nurse.

All it takes is a little knowledge. You already have all the tools you need to do this! 

If you need some proof of this concept, here’s me, doing a quick demo some with pepperoni pizza (my fav) and some bicep curls (also my fav!)

& Here’s a quick report sheet so you can get to know me better as your coach.


The goal at Fit Nurse Academy is to feel GOOD, & not guilty. You’ll be exercising because it makes you feel good. You’ll eat food you actually like because it makes you feel good. There is no room for guilt here!

Whether your goal is to have more energy on your days off, fit into your favorite pair of scrubs again, or to do your first push up I’m here & ready to help you get fully fit*.


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– I once won a chicken wing eating contest by eating 17 wings in 2 minutes & the trophy is still proudly displayed on my mantle

– My husband’s nickname for me is “geek girl”

– I don’t like cheese or peanut butter (I know, what kind of monster am I?!). 

– I wanted to be a physicist as a kid. #geekgirl

– My first job was as a waitress at a fancy steakhouse.

– Waffles taste better with honey instead of syrup (try it!)

– I met my husband, James, playing trivia in a bar & helped him answer a question about an MMR vaccine. We got married at 11am on Sunday so we could have Sunday brunch as our wedding reception & there was trivia during brunch.

– I used to check out the same “dog book” from the library every week and write my parents a report about a new breed, but they never got me a dog as a kid.

– My grandma (lovingly called Nanny) was my best friend growing up & we used to stay up late on NYE together drinking sparkling apple juice.

Heading into vacation this week & down another pound! I’m not in “vacation eating mode” – I’m just on vacation eating whatever I want & may even lose while I’m here!


DNP Student

This program reminded me that I need to come first and I realized that nutrition is really the backbone of self care.


New Grad Nurse

I’m still in shock that I can lose and I’m eating more calories than I have in 5 years!