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How would it feel to reach & maintain your goal weight without giving up your favorite food?

How would it feel to reach & maintain your goal weight without giving up your favorite food?

You already know that you’re short at work & the nursing business office is sending pizza. You deserve a slice! Being a nurse is hard enough (especially in 2020, yeesh!) without stressing about food and hating your body.

Wouldn’t things just be easier if:

  • You just knew wtf to eat
  • You could snack on break room food guilt free
  • You actually had energy on your days off
  • You could love your body

It’s exhausting to take care of patients day in & day out. You deserve more than cold coffee & dayshift’s leftovers & it’s definitely time for you to take care of yourself!  

Holy sh*t! I’ve lost 9.7 inches all over so far! Like, what?! It’s only been 2 months!

Cassie, NICU RN

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching is for you if:

  • You’re ready to stop avoiding your reflection in the mirror when you get out of the shower
  • You’re so drained from work that all you do is sleep on your days off
  • You have a goal in your mind of what your dream body is but no idea how to get there
  • You’ve tried dieting & exercise plans in the past with little-no long term success
  • You’ve said things like “I need to get in shape” or “I need to eat better”
  • You want to make a change but you have no idea where to start or how to stick with it

The biggest surprise about the program was how much I could eat. I remember being scared to eat at first, so this was a huge milestone to overcome & now I bake cake with the kids and eat it without feeling bad at all!

Dominique, ICU RN

Here’s How it Works:

1. You apply for coaching
2. I’ll reach out to schedule a strategy call & place you with the coaching package that fits your needs
3. Your butt gets kicked into shape

Ok so there’s a little more to it including video trainings, accountability check ins, customized nutrition recommendations. Here’s a quick video breaking it all down:

I bought my bridal shower dress yesterday & was pleasantly surprised when the medium was too big & I had to get a small! & All while eating tacos!

Claire, Nursing Student

Perks of joining a program with Fit Nurse Academy


Your coach won’t let you fall behind! You’ll finally be sure that you can reach your goals without falling off track.

Body Confidence

Learn to love food and your body & feel good, not guilty. Do this while increasing your energy levels without relying on caffeine.

Like-Minded Community

A private, supportive community of nurses to encourage you on your journey

Howdy, I’m Tara, your coach. I’m a NICU nurse by night & personal trainer by day. 

I’m a 9th degree black belt in eating pizza. Here as living proof that you can eat pizza AND have muscles. They don’t need to be mutually exclusive!

The focus here is on loving your body & feeling good, not obsessing about the scale. Whatever your needs are, there is a program here for you. 

(If you wanna get official I’m an RN, BSN, CPT, & CNC.)

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500+ nurses have taken charge of their health.

Heading into vacation this week & down another pound! I’m not in “vacation eating mode” – I’m just on vacation eating whatever I want & may even lose while I’m here!

Rachel, DNP Student

Looking for Something more hands-off?


Not looking for 1:1 coaching? No problem! Check out the Nurse’s Nutrition Fix – an interactive, self paced program to help you get to your goal weight!

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

At the end of your program you can expect to feel confident looking at yourself in the mirror. Expect to be able to eat more calories than you have in years and enjoy food you love without guilt. Expect to have more energy regularly and stop sleeping your days away. Your clothes will fit you differently and you may need to size down a scrub size (There’s a scrub guarantee, so Fit Nurse Academy will send you out a pair that fits if you size down!).

Why would I work with an online personal trainer instead of one at my gym?

While an in person trainer is great, an online trainer has some benefits that you won’t get from a trainer in a gym. You’ll have 24/7 access to me as your online trainer in the Fit Nurse Academy. I’ll also provide you with custom nutrition recommendations and everything is tailored just for nurses. Another huge difference is that you’ll get 5 workouts a week at a much lower rate than a trainer in the gym.

What kind of access will I get to my trainer?

All nurses enrolled in a coaching program get 24/7 access to me (your trainer) via the Fit Nurse Academy app. You’ll also get video feedback once a week about your nutrition/form on exercises etc. Depending on your coaching program, you can opt to add on a weekly live call for additional accountability.

Does getting to my “goal weight” mean the same thing as “losing weight”?<br />

Not necessarily! Your “goal weight” isn’t the number on the scale, it is the feeling that you get when your body is healthy. “Goal Weight” can mean losing fat & gaining muscle but weighing the same amount. “Goal Weight” can look like losing inches all over and sculpting curves but being 4 lbs heavier than the start of the process. “Goal weight” can also look like losing 50 lbs, gaining muscle and losing fat. Many clients don’t know their goal weight until they reach it!

Do you provide meal plans?

NO. None of the programs at Fit Nurse Academy provide you with anything that says “eat this, not that”. This is the land where all foods fit. What you restrict is what you crave and we don’t like binge eating & guilt around here. You will, however, learn how to plan your own meals while eating food you actually like.

Why aren't there any before & after pics on the website?

1) Before & after pictures are rooted in comparison & your body is unique to you & will probably never look like anyone in the photo.

2) Before & after photos idolize thinness, & being thin ≠ being healthy. 

3) ”After” photos don’t accurately reflect positive body image, self-esteem, mental well-being or happiness, & I want you to have all those goodies, not just a skinny lil’ bod.

Clients are encouraged to take progress photos as they go along their journey, however the main focus is on non-scale victories (like having more energy or not needing as much coffee during a shift)

Will I have time for this?
    1. YES! There are several programs offered for you. The online courses are all self paced. The programs that include workouts all have workouts that can be done in 30-45 minutes and are designed to easily fit into your schedule in between shifts.
How is the program delivered?

All programs are delivered directly on the Fit Nurse Academy App. This app is home to all of your coaching resources, workouts, nutrition information, & your direct line of communication with me (Tara) as your coach. 

What kind of workouts will I be doing?

All workouts can be completed in 45 minutes or less. There will be gym & home versions of all workouts. Most plans will include 3-5 workouts a week. The workouts involve variations of the squat, pull up, push up, lunge, hip thrust, bench press, & burpee. There are modifications from beginner-advanced. The workouts are designed to sculpt a strong, curvy physique & to be lots of fun! Please see the specific program page for more details.

Will the workouts make me bulky?

NO! Strength training is great for your joints and allows you to burn more fat and shape a curvy physique. It’s actually more effective than running for fat burning.

Can I do the workouts at home?

Yes! All exercise programs have home & gym options.

What if I just want nutrition coaching without workouts?

You can enroll in our Ruby coaching package for nutrition only! You’ll still get 24/7 access to me on the app, weekly check in videos, and all of your nutrition coaching right on the FNA mobile app.

Is this only for nurses?

All healthcare professionals are welcome, although if you’re not a nurse you may get a little lost on some of the lingo! If you’re not in healthcare, then you’re lucky to have every other personal trainer on the planet to choose from! 🙂 If you drop me a line on the contact me page, I can recommend some trainers for 9-5ers.